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Thank you for your interest in Garden Lakes. In an effort to serve real estate agents and prospective homeowners, here are the basics about our community, including rental policies, pet policies, and fees. 

Rental Policy

Garden Lakes was developed to be a residential community and does not allow short-term rentals, however all components do allow rental/leasing options, with restrictions.  

In general, all rentals must be 4 months or longer and no property may be leased for more than once per year.  Details specific to each component can be found within the Rent/Leasing document attached below.

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Garden Lakes is financially sound and stable.  The Garden Lakes Community Association (GLCA) maintenance fee is a quarterly payment, which ranges from $245 to $341 per unit, per quarter.  In addition to this quarterly GLCA maintenance fee, there is a separate component association fee, which varies by component and ranges from $135 to $414 per unit, per month.  Please note that some of these component fees include homeowner’s insurance, and one of these fees includes a reduction based on a bequest from a former owner.

Pet Policy

Garden Lakes Community Association (GLCA) has restrictions regarding dogs as pets.  Each unit is limited to 1 dog at a maximum of 42 lbs. at adult weight.  Animals must be walked on a leash and excrement picked up immediately.  Components may have different restrictions regarding dogs as pets, however GLCA requirements are the most restrictive.  This is because most dogs are walked throughout the entire community and not contained within their home component.  Each component also has specific restrictions regarding other pets.  Please refer to the GLCA documents and your component documents for pet restrictions.  Certified/licensed animals are exempt from the restrictions per Florida’s Fair Housing act. 

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Rules And Regulations

Garden Lakes Community Association (GLCA) strives to maintain a unified look and to safeguard property values by adhering to agreed-upon rules, while encouraging residents’ individual enjoyment of their property.  These Rules and Regulations (R&R) are provided as a convenient reference for the homeowners, but the Association’s governing documents are the final authority if there is a conflict in interpretation of wording.  The owner of a residence shall be responsible for making the residents, guests, and tenants fully aware of and complying with all restrictions, articles, rules and regulations of GLCA.  Please review Garden Lakes’ Rules & Regulations by clicking the button below.  

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