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The Garden Lakes Community Association (GLCA), along with homeowners in the eight components within the Garden Lakes community, work cooperatively to maintain and encourage a safe and attractive neighborhood. That means following the rules in our governing documents and making it easy to get answers about proposed home improvements. Use this page as your guide to answer most homeowner questions.  You are also encouraged to check out the private in-house Spectrum TV Channel 732 for birthdays, anniversaries, and other items of interest to residents.

Trash / Recycling / Yard Waste


Regular schedule for Garden Lakes:  Trash is collected on Monday and Thursday.  Recycling is collected on Thursday morning.  Place trash out early on Monday and Thursday mornings and recycling containers out Wednesday night.  

Holidays observed by Manatee County:  New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  On these holidays, pickup will be done on Tuesday and Friday. Please click the link below to get more information on Manatee County Utilities trash and recycling policies.

For more information on Manatee County trash and recycling policies, please click here to go to their website.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected once a week by the lawn company hired by each component.  Check with your board for the pickup day assigned to your component.

Rules of the Road

The private roads and paths in Garden Lakes are shared daily between cars, bicycles, commercial vehicles, and pedestrians.  Follow these Rules of the Road to enjoy safer driving, cycling, or walking/running workouts and avoid injuries and accidents.

Gate Info & Access

Garden Lakes gates are open between 6 AM and 6 PM daily.  Remote controls are available to residents to open the gates after hours, as well as a code that can be used in the small keypad in front of the gate if the remote is not in your possession.

Resident Directory Instructions

Ask your visitor to scroll up or down the alphabet using the “A” or “Z” buttons to find your listing, then press the “CALL” button.  When your phone rings, confirm it is your visitor, then press the number 6 on your phone.  The phone will go dead, and the gate will open.  Land lines and cell phones will work with this system.

Call Box Access

Residents must complete a Gate Access form in order to provide information for your entry in the call box data base.  This form is provided in your welcome packet, and it is also available within the Forms page of the Resident’s Portal.

Architectural Review

Alteration of a residential unit is not permitted without specific approval by the Board of Directors of the Component in which you reside. Examples of the types of alterations that require this approval include (but are not limited to) the following: addition or replacement of storm door; addition, modification, or replacement of lanai covering; replacement of windows; addition or replacement of concrete and/or pavers; replacement of roofing; replacement of garage doors, landscaping, etc. To request approval, download and complete the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Request form, which can be accessed via the button below. Please allow 30 days for the board to review your application and respond. The completed and signed form should be sent to the ARC representative for your component. Please refer to your Residential Directory for the contact information of your component’s representative or check out the Committees page in the Resident’s Portal of this website.


Services and Important Contact Information

Service TypeEntityContact InfoWebsite
Water & Sewer Service Manatee County(941) 792-8811Manatee County Utilities
Waste collectionManatee County (941) 792-8811Manatee County Utilities
Electric Service Florida Power and Light800-226-3545Florida Power & Light
Police ServicesManatee County Sheriff(941) 747-3011Manatee County Sheriff
Cable TV / InternetSpectrum Bulk Support(855) 222-0102Cable TV and Internet are part of Association dues and must be set up by calling this number.
Animal ServicesManatee County(941) 742-5933Manatee County Animal Services
Auto Tag & Driver's LicenseManatee County Tax Collector's Office(941-741-4800Driver's License - General Information
County CommissionersManatee County(941) 745-3700Board of County Commissioners, Manatee County
Public Library SystemManatee County(941) 748-5555Manatee County Public Library System
CrimeStoppersManatee County(866) 634-8477CrimeStoppers of Manatee County
Property TaxesManatee County Tax Collector(941) 750-9566Manatee County Tax Collector

Manatee County Services

Try the Resident information tool: https://www.mymanatee.org/residents/information to find your trash and recycling days, evacuation level, flood zone, commissioner, local schools, police and fire district, polling site, nearest emergency shelter, park, preserve, library, hospital, bus stop, and more.


Each Component has specific restrictions regarding overnight parking.  Generally, no commercial trucks, vans, tractors, service vehicles, or other commercial vehicles shall be permitted to remain upon any portion of the Condominium Property other than for temporary parking.  This provision shall not be considered as a restriction of the parking of permitted vehicles belonging to occasional guests of unit owners or residents.  In general, all vehicles should be parked in a resident garage or carport, except in limited circumstances, i.e. construction in your unit, guest visiting with a vehicle, or reasonable accommodations for specific projects.  Please check your component documents for guidelines.

Irrigation and Backflow


Irrigation and Backflow Testing

Garden Lakes contracts with Garcia Irrigation to maintain the pumping systems that move irrigation water from our wells to the irrigation systems of the community.  Irrigation is included in the GLCA quarterly payment, as is the annual backflow testing fee.  If you have any problems or questions regarding the irrigation system, please contact Garcia Irrigation directly (by phone or text) at 941-526-5830, or you can place a note in the Irrigation Box outside the Clubhouse door.  You can also find the Irrigation committee member for your component in your Resident Directory or by visiting the Committees page in the Resident’s Portal of this website.

Rules And Regulations

Garden Lakes Community Association (GLCA) strives to maintain a unified look and to safeguard property values by adhering to agreed-upon rules, while encouraging residents’ individual enjoyment of their property. These Rules and Regulations (R&R) are provided as a convenient reference for the homeowners, but the Association’s governing documents are the final authority if there is a conflict in interpretation of wording. The owner of a residence shall be responsible for making the residents, guests, and tenants fully aware of and complying with all restrictions, articles, rules and regulations of GLCA. Please review Garden Lakes’ Rules & Regulations by clicking the button below.

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